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The great logo test

Download the logotest.xls file from here. Can you get all 200?

The logotest will show 200 logos from around the world, the aim is to identify all 200 logos by their image alone. There are companies, products and services. There are companies that no longer exist, and old logos. Some parts of the logotest will immediately come to mind, and other parts will annoy you for days - you will recognise the logo but not know what it is called!

There are logos from all around the world, including Canada, America, the UK, France, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Germany and even Slovakia! The logo test will need to be completed with the help of people around you - it is unlikely that one person will know all logos... So get together with your friends and work colleagues and solve this together!

69,235 downloads between March 2005 and August 2007

Updated! There was a problem with the page 16-30 not being included in the total, but 1-15 was counted twice. This has now been fixed, 1st July 2005.

Download logotest.xls version 2.1 (549kb) you may need to right-click on this link and choose "save target as.."

Having problems? Once you have gone through the Logo Test, you can try looking at the clues (plain text file). You can also discuss the test in the forum (some people post answers there too..).

The logotest is © Copyright 2005 Christian Wickham, as copyright is automatic and inherent. The logo images remain the Copyright of their respective owners.

If you have enjoyed doing this test, you can make a donation - anything from $1 to $100 you can donate with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal credit, it's quick, easy and the fee is deducted from me, not you!

Donations over $10 will get a credit on this page, donations over $100 will get the answers, and donations over $100,000 will be reported to the police (only joking - I'll keep it quiet).

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